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Past Exhibition

The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection

March 15 - April 13, 2013


Jin Dynasty (A.D. 1115-1234)

with high rounded shoulders, short narrow neck and wide flat mouth with galleried rim, the sides enlivened by horizontal wheel marks and tapering to a ring foot enclosing a countersunk base, covered with a cream-white slip under a clear glaze, the edge of the foot unglazed showing the gray stoneware.

Height 6 58 inches (16.9 cm)

Compare the similar white Cizhou meiping of larger size in Illustrated Catalogues of Tokyo National Museum: Chinese Ceramics I, Tokyo, 1988, p. 133, no. 531. The same Cizhou meiping is illustrated again in Shiro to kuro no kyōen: Chūgoku Jishū yōkei tōki no sekai (Charm of Black & White Ware: Transition of Cizhou Type Wares), Osaka, 2002, p. 61, no. 5.

Compare also the taller plain white meiping of closely related form, illustrated in the catalogue of the Osaka Municipal Museum exhibition entitled Sō Gen no bijutsu (The Arts of the Song and Yuan), Tokyo, 1980, no. 116.

Two white Cizhou pottery truncated meiping with painted decoration, showing a very similar treatment of the mouth, are illustrated by Mino, Freedom of Clay and Brush through Seven Centuries in Northern China: Tz’u-chou Type Wares, 960-1600 A.D., Indianapolis, 1980, pp. 198-201, pls. 87 and 88.

金    磁州白釉梅瓶    高  16.9  厘米