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Past Exhibition

The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection

March 15 - April 13, 2013


Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1127-1279)

of well-potted hemispherical form, the rounded sides rising from a small tapered ring foot to a shallow rounded indentation on the exterior and a corresponding convex band on the interior, ending in a slightly everted rim, and with a small boss in the center of the interior, covered with a sea-green glaze of even tone continuing over the recessed base, the exposed stoneware at the edge of the footrim fired reddish-brown.

Diameter 4 14 inches (10.8 cm)

A Longquan celadon bowl of this form excavated in 1974 at Quzhou, Zhejiang province, from the tomb of Shi Shengzu and his wife, dated by epitaph to the tenth year of Xianchun (A.D. 1274), is illustrated by Liu in Dated Ceramics of the Song, Liao and Jin Periods, Beijing 2004, p. 92, no. 6-19. Another similar example, discovered in the Sinan shipwreck, is illustrated in the catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Cultural Relics Found Off Sinan Coast, National Museum of Korea, Seoul, 1977, col. pl. 8.

Other examples are in the Percival David Foundation, London, illustrated by Tregear, Song Ceramics, London, 1982, p. 180, no. 247, also published in Illustrated Catalogue of Celadon Wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, London, Rev. Ed., 1997, p. 40, no. 252; in Illustrated Catalogues of Tokyo National Museum: Chinese Ceramics I, Tokyo, 1988, p. 116, no. 461; and illustrated by Rotondo-McCord, Heaven and Earth Seen Within: Song Ceramics from the Robert Barron Collection, New Orleans, 2000, pp. 148-149, no. 59.

南宋  龍泉青瓷束口碗 徑  10.8 厘米