J.J. Lally & Co., Oriental Art / New York City, New York


Past Exhibition

The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection

March 15 - April 13, 2013


Jin Dynasty (A.D. 1115-1232)

with rounded flaring sides resting on a stoutly potted ring foot, covered inside and out with chalk-white slip, boldly painted in bright iron-red and green enamel with a songbird shown in profile perched on a leafy branch in a central medallion framed by five concentric rings interspersed with clustered green dots lined up on an inner circle, all covered with a clear glaze, the exterior plain and the white slip ending above the foot, the exposed stoneware fired tan-brown, the inset base with a single indecipherable character written in black ink.

Diameter 512 inches (14 cm)

Cizhou bowls of this red and green enamelled type are usually decorated with fish or flower motifs. Examples with bird designs are rare.

Compare the Cizhou bowl of this form painted in red and green with an aquatic bird design in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum, illustrated in the catalogue entitled Chūgoku no tōji: tokubetsu ten (Chinese Ceramics: Special Exhibition), Tokyo, 1994, p. 147, no. 216. The same bowl is previously published in the catalogue of the Osaka Municipal Museum exhibition entitled Sō Gen no bijutsu (The Arts of the Song and Yuan), Tokyo, 1980, col. pl. 26.

金    磁州白地紅綠彩雀紋碗    徑  14  厘米